7 Trendy Workplace Design Ideas To Appeal to The Finest Staff

7 Trendy Workplace Design Ideas To Appeal to The Finest Staff

In this article, we’ll show you 7 of the most popular trends and concepts in modern workplace design. Top companies in Dhaka cities like Grameenphone, Robi and many other multinational companies are using these workplace interior design ideas to attract the best employees. Consider using them in your next office renovation.

Why Is Your Office Interior Design Important?

Do you want to attract the best employees to your organization?

Do you find yourself competing for top talent in a hot job market?

Do you seek to reduce your employee turnover rate?

Nowadays, salary or financial compensation alone isn’t the only factor driving employees to the workplace.

Today’s best employees demand a workplace that stimulates creativity, collaboration, and communication while also reducing stress and anxiety.

Besides employee preference, your office interior design is important for another reason:

It directly impacts employee productivity, which directly affects your organization’s bottom line. Ideally, you want a workplace that allows people to focus and concentrate whenever needed, and to collaborate and communicate whenever needed. You also want a workplace that is physically and mentally comfortable so that people can perform and function at their best. This is what today’s modern office design trends are striving to achieve.

1. Activity-Based Working

  • Open Office Areas
  • Privacy Areas
  • Quiet Focus Areas
  • Meeting Areas
  • Lounge Areas
  • Café Areas

Activity-Based Working is a new trend that solves many of the problems of the older and more traditional type of office setup called the Open Office Plan. The Open Office Plan has been around for many decades. With the Open Office Plan, people work very closely together in open spaces with almost no barrier between them. The Open Office Plan was actually the answer to many of the problems of the even older and more traditional cubicles and private offices.

2. The Versatile Workspace

For example, in a versatile workspace plan, a meeting table can be easily and quickly resized by attaching or detaching modular components of the table. These modular components can be easily moved around because they are on wheels. Desks and workstations can also be moved around easily because they are on wheels. This allows the dynamic creation of new teams and boosts collaboration between workers for short-term and long-term tasks.

3. Bringing Nature Into The Workplace

4. Creating A Home-Like Environment

  • Home-like sofas, armchairs, pod seats, and coffee tables.
  • Lounge areas.
  • Break areas with recreational games.
  • Cafés with free coffee, snacks, and food.
  • Fully stocked bars.
  • Outdoor terraces and balconies.
  • Exercise gym and showers.
  • Bicycle storage.

Can Home-Like Workplaces Improve Employee Efficiency? The answer is yes. Companies all over the place are finding that providing a home-like environment encourages productivity, collaboration, and open dialogue. This is because a home-like environment is less intimating and less formal than a traditional workplace setup. In a relaxed setting, people feel freer to express their thoughts casually, which can stimulate brainstorming and creativity.

5. Industrial Office Design

A recent modern trend that cannot be ignored is the industrial office design. This trend became popular starting in the late 2000s and remains popular today.

The industrial office design is a purely aesthetic style of design that is intentionally unsophisticated: It is rustic, simple, and unrefined.

Here are some of the most common elements of industrial office design:

  • Exposed ceiling air ducts
  • Exposed ceiling pipes
  • Exposed ceiling beams
  • High ceilings
  • Exposed brick walls along the outside of the office space
  • Lack of interior walls resulting in more open space
  • Very large windows
  • Natural wood instead of treated wood
  • Concrete floors instead of wood or carpeted floors
  • Overhanging light fixtures with exposed light bulbs

6. Ergonomic Workstations

These days, sitting is the new smoking. Sitting at your desk for long periods of time can have negative effects on your health. To address this issue, today’s modern office workplaces are incorporating the following new technologies into their workstations:

  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Height Adjustable Desks
  • Sit/Stand Desk Risers
  • Exercise Ball Chairs

7. Glass Walls And Doors

glass wall partition in bdGlass walls and doors in the workplace have been trending for years now, and they are an essential part of modern and cutting-edge office interior design.

  • Natural Light
  • Transparency

Which Office Design Theme Is Best For You?

As you decide which of the above modern design elements to incorporate into your next office renovation, you will want to consider not only their impact on your employees’ motivation, health, and productivity but also the cost of implementing those elements.

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