About us

About us


Our Awesome Story

CUBIC Interior are an up growing Interior Consultancy Firm which is established in 12 December 2013. Firstly CUBIC are serving Interior Consultancy  in all over Bangladesh.

Instantly CUBIC has been provided the service area of Office , Hospital , School/University , Home Interior, etc.

Moreover CUBIC has more skillful architecture , creative designer, handy advisory and consultancy departments, innovative design section with hard working marketer. All together makes clients demands easy. Finally we can fulfilled our clients requirements and make theme happier with quality services. /p>

As a Result CUBIC have also been provided all types of Office Design, Office Furniture, Home Furniture, Hospital Furniture, etc.


Our Skills

From 2013, Above All, CUBIC are working with skillful Engineer, Designer, and workers.

Finally,CUBIC  gives you new idea and design to live your dream. Also, Everyone works with a goal to satisfy clients demand.








Our Fantastic Team

Md. Abdul Al Mamun


Wahidul Islam Sagir





Our Timeline

Because, We know a client needs. Our skillful Cubican try to fulfill clients’ demand. From 2013, a lot of projects have been done with client satisfied. Our Cubican believe that clients’ satisfaction is rewarded for them.


Complete the project “domik”

There are many variations of our task. But the majority have suffered. Always We Provide Best We Have. Above all circumstances, client satisfaction is our top priority. Besides all problem, we provided our best service. we work hard for the design. we do our best for well-furnished design. finally, we achieve great communication


Improving Cubic

In 2015, First We Started big company projects. Probably they have a lot of demands. But our design departments and our skills workers fulfilled their demand as per their requirements. Finally, we finished those big projects


Making this the first

First of All, We started a small cubic interior design company. Later, It grows up a huge factory section. Similarly, we have workstations staff. Besides Interior Design we are working for client satisfaction. We are  fulfilled our client’s satisfaction. Finally, we do new ideas and free consulting for clients.

  1. Door portals plan
  2. Furniture specifications
  3. Interior design